What is Deep web/Dark web

There are three layers of internet
2)deep web
3)dark web

Surface web refers to that part of internet which is visible to us and can be opened by any browser lile chrome,uc,mozila or any other browser
It contains and pages of facebook,twitter,yahoo,bing,8 billion pages of google and everything else you browse through your browser
But it is only 4% of the internet
Then what is that leftover 96% 
the other 96% is deepweb

Deep web is that part of internet which is encrypted by tor and cannot be accessed by normal browsers,its content are not indexed on search engines like google or yahoo that means you cannot reach it by searching on google that is why they are often termed as invisible web
It was first used by US navy to send important information during war but after that it was available for public use

Dark web
Then we have dark web,the part of deep web which has all the illegal activities and the worst things which can be done to humanity

let us see what are some of the things available in dark web and why it is dangerous to browse the dark web
1)Rent a hacker

As you can see in the image which is a screenshot of dark website
you can rent a hacker in dark web to hack facebook,twitter or any organization's website
or anything like that to harm anyone or organization
2)Hitman network

You can rent a hitman to get anyone killed in usa/canada/europe.This is a group of three persons which assures to kill anyone in usa/canada/europe except the top 10 politicians.
It informs that the work will be done 2-3 weeks depending on the target
3)Buying and selling of children or child trafficking

One of the many illegal activities happening in darkweb is child trafficking,buying and sellimg of infants and children of other ages is common in dark web
4)Silk road

Silk road was the largest seller of drugs and cocain in darkweb,started in 2011 it has done a sale of over 1.4 billion
you can see in the screenshot shown of the silk road's website the selling of drugs

As the name suggests fake id service provides fake ids like driving license,passport,ids,stamps in Australia,Brazil,France,Germany and some other countries with free shipping
6)Experiments on human

 It is one of the most evil thing happening in the dark web,Human bodies are exposed to some really disgusting experiments
like transfusion,
starvation,infants tolerance to xrays which are considered illegal according to our rules and regulations
7)Selling of weapons

weapons are sold openly on dark web,with no restrictions anyone having some bucks can buy a weapon without any problem.Keeping a weapon without license is illegal,but who cares dark web is made for such illegal things only
8)  Carding of credit cards,paypal,and debit cards

Dark web also has some websites which has carding experts who can card credit cards,debit cards and paypal id passwords with accuracy greater than 95%

Cannibalism is the worst part of internet
cannibalism refers to act of human flesh eaten by other human
Butter but true dark web features websites which show live cannabalism

so guys thanks for watching this one
will be back with some more videos on dark web
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