NOVA Setup For PUBG lovers

Hey everyone, i hope everyone is in their best of health. Today we are going to customise our homescreen with the use of nova launcher prime and some other apps. The theme for today's setup is PUBG.
Nova PUBG setup
Nova Pubg Setup

Apps Used in the setup
1) Nova launcher Prime
2) Zooper widget pro
3) Parrot for zooper
4) PicsArt and background eraser ( Only if you want to create custom icons. If you directly use mine you won't need these apps. )

First of all setup your nova launcher according to your needs. If you want to make your phone look like mine just go to the download section and download my nova backup and import it in your nova settings.

Then we will create widgets using zooper widget pro. Zooper widget pro is a paid app and the link for the same is given below. So you dont have to go anywhere to search for it. Widgets will be created using parrot for zooper. It is also available in playstore.  The link for it is also given below.

You won't have to waste your time creating all the widgets as i have already taken the backup of all the widgets and uploaded it for you guys. Just download them and move them to folder templates inside zooper widget folder in your internal storage. The video of the full setup is given below.

Download links
Zooper widget pro Download
Parrot for zooper Download
PUBG vector Wallpaper Download

Widget 1-Download
Widget 2-Download
Widget 3-Download
Widget 4-Download
Widget 5- Download
Nova Backup Download


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