Bluestacks vs youwave-The war of emulators

Since its launch Android has dominated the digital market like a one man army, because of its customizability and features, it has made its place in every hand.Its versatility to adapt to the conditions has made it suitable to fit every age group.
I am a big fan of Android games and apps but sometimes have to compromise due to the miserable amount of battery and small screen.

But there is a solution to these problems
And it is Android emulators for Pc
The emulators provide a better experience on large PC screen and also make the game more enjoyable via mouse and keyboard.These emulators have adapted to most of the apps and games available on the play store.
Today we are comparing two of the most famous Android emulators Bluestacks and Youwave on the basis of performance, adaptability towards app, user interface and overall experience.


With over 160 million users bluestacks is one of the most famous Android emulator available for Pc
Bluestacks is an American based company.Its alpha version for the public was first released in 2011.It is available for both windows and mac users.The software is free to download and use but later disables itself and asks the user to either download sponsored applications or pay monthly charge of $2
The app owner claims that it can run over 96% of the total apps( 1.4 million ) available on play store.



1)Runs most of the apps available on play store
2)Most of the important applications preinstalled
3)Supports multi-touch
4)Mobile/Desktop sync available
5)Camera, Microphone support available


1)When active, takes too much of ram in background resulting in poor performance by PC
2)Increases the CPU usage and runs over other apps resulting in force closing of other apps
3)Not suitable for low-end PC with low graphic card and Ram

Minimum Requirements for bluestacks

1) At least 2 Gb ram
2) At least four GB of disk space available for installation of Android application in bluestacks
3) PC's graphics drivers should be updated for usage of bluestacks


Youwave is light but a good android emulator.Because of its small size of 200 MB and adaptability to low-end Pc, it is one of the most popular emulators for some users.
It is available in both free and premium version
Free version features lower version of android which restricts installation of many applications from play store while the premium version comes with Android Lollipop and costs $30



1)Light and suitable for low-end Pc
2)Low CPU usage
3)Good Ram management


1)No multi-touch
2)Camera, microphone support unavailable
3)Free version comes with lower version of Android ( Android version-4.0.4)

 Minimum requirements for youwave

1)Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU,
2)2.0 GB RAM,
3)500MB disk space,
4) Windows XP,7,8,10 and Vista
Premium version requires Windows 64 bit


Bluestacks has more features but has a drawback of poor ram management and high CPU requirement
Youwave being light and adaptable to low-end PC has some features less.For a high-end Pc bluestacks has the edge over youwave, but on the other hand, youwave can satisfy more users on a low-end Pc
But the simulation of android by both the emulators is quite commendable



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