View Instagram Story without them Knowing

Hey everyone, this is Dinker Chaudhary back with another cool trick. In this trick we will be learning how we can view anyone's instagram story without them knowing. This is a very easy and efficient method to view anyone's story. In this method you will have to download 1 app which is named as storysave app and then you can easily login in that app through your Instagram account to view anyone's story you are following.

StorySave is an app to save any Instagram Story to your Android device, whether it be a photo or a short video. You can also save Live streams as videos with just a single tap.

To access all your saved content, just go to the corresponding folder located in the dropdown menu on the left. There you'll find two folders: one for Stories and one for Live streams.


I have also created a video tutorial for the same, click the play button below to play the video.


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