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How to Set up FREP on Android : finger replay for android


There are days when you want to repeat some stuff in your life and you ask your little brother or sister to do it for you. Easy right ? but what about our phones....? in any case we do not want them to go and read our chats while completing our work. so what do we do ? we look for something to help us on google and YouTube and we come to a few tutorials but in those tutorials all apps require root access. so here i am with a solution for you, an app that works without root access and will help you to repeat stuff on your android device.

so lets start the tutorial. 

Step 1

Download the FREP app from play store. click the download button below to download it.

Step 2

Now go to settings on your android phone, Go down at the bottom. Click on about phone. ( it might be about device or about tablet on your device)

Step 3

Now find build number there and click on it 7 times to activate developer option. ( for xiaomi device click on miui version to activate developer option)

Step 4

Now click back and now you will have developer options in your settings. click on it and find usb debugging in it and switch it on. ( for xiaomi devices there are two usb debugging, first one is normal and second one is usb debugging(security), make sure you activate both )

Step 5

Now click back, click on security and click on accessibility settings and there find frep and activate it.

Step 6 

Now go to your laptop and visit this link to download the set up tool for windows and follow the steps written there.

You should be able to run the frep app on your android now. Here is the video tutorial for the same if you had issues while going through the written tutorial.